June Wrap Up & July TBR

June Wrap Up:

So I only read two books this month. Both books was slow reads for me. But they are both great books. I also read about 150 pages in Outlander. And over half of Golden Son.


– We Need To Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver –

This book is about 16 year old Kevin, who murdered 9 people in a massacre at his high school. The book is written in letter format from Kevin’s mom to his father. Two years after the terrible event.

I have not read anything like this before. It was an interesting dark book that made me think a lot. I will have a review up on the blog soon.

Rating : ★★★★☆


– Red Rising by Pierce Brown –

Red rising is a great dystopian science fiction trilogy. With a lot of action and political games. I have a review of this book

Rating : ★★★★☆


July TBR:

This is the books I am currently reading and the books I want to read in July.


– Summer Biannual Bibliothon 2016 –

I will be participating in the Summer Biannual Bibliothon. You can find my blog post on it here , with links to the challenges and my TBR.


– Golden Son by Pierce Brown –

This book is the second book in the Red Rising trilogy. I am currently reading this book, and I am halfway through. I hope to finish this soon. I am really enjoying it.


–  Outlander by Diana Gabaldon –

The next book I am currently reading is Outlander. I really like this book so far. It is easy to read, but it is huge, 896 pages long. I love the setting in this book. Outlander is a historical fiction, Romance novel.

It is about a girl in 1945. While she is on a vacation with her  husband in Scotland. She touches a circle of ancient standing stones, and gets teleported back to the same place in 1743. And she gets torn between two men and two centuries.


– Morning star by Pierce Brown –

I hope that if I have time at the end of the month I will start this book. It is the third and last book of the Red Rising trilogy.


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