Life Update #1

This is a new series where I can be more personal. And talk about what is currently happening in my life.

I have bought a new phone. Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge. I’m very happy with it. It’s easier to take pictures for the blog now. And finally I have Snapchat.

It’s was good timing that I bought a new phone, because my pc broke. So now I don’t have a pc until it gets fixed. It makes it more difficult to write blog posts. I have to write them by hand, and then borrow my mom’s pc to publish the posts.

My health problems is still getting much better. It is incredible, and I’m so happy about that.

I have also been playing pokémonGO a lot, like everyone else on this planet haha. It made me want to play pokémon on my 3ds again. So I have been playing that with my boyfriend. I have pokémon y and he has pokémon x.


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