Spookathon Wrap Up

I had so much fun participating in the Spookathon. I’m happy with what I read this week. I rarely read thrillers so reading two thrillers after each other is very different for me. It was fun reading books that I usually probably would not read, and go out of my comfort zone. My goals for this week was to listen to two audiobooks and read one hardcover book. I almost finished my goals. I read a total of 828 pages this readathon.

This is what I read :

This is the challenges I finished :

1 Read a Thriller

4 Read a 2016 Release

Log of the week:

Day 1

I started the Spookathon with listening to The Butterfly Garden. I have been listening to the audiobook while playing Stardew Valley. I listened to 2h and 26min of the audiobook and read only 20 pages of Hollow City today.

Day 2

I have been listening to The Butterfly Garden and playing Stardew Valley for 3h and 8min today, pretty much the same as yesterday. I couldn’t sleep so I read 62 pages in Hollow City before bed.  


Pic from when I was finished redecorated my house. 

Day 3

I listened to 1h and 19 min of the Butterfly Garden today. I’m not sure what I think about the book yet. I think it might be a 3 star read. The story around the garden is interesting and creatively written. There is something about the story that I don’t like but I can’t point out what it is. I don’t like the main character and she annoys me, and not in a good way. I feel like I can’t trust her, I think that is the point.

I read 33 pages of Hollow City. I like this book a little bit more than The Butterfly Garden but it is not a favorite either. I’m going to finish the series because I’m curious to find out what’s will happen to the children.

Day 4

Finished The Butterfly Garden. I didn’t like the ending and I gave the book 2 stars.

I read 69 pages of Hollow City.

Day 5

I started listening to A Monster Calls. I listened to half an hour and I liked the book so far. There is something wrong with the audio file so I can’t continue with the book. Sad 😦 I have to find another book to listen to now.

I started another audiobook, You by Caroline Kepnes. I changed the challenge READ A BOOK WITH RED ON THE COVER from Dark Matter to this book. I listened to 1h and 13min.

I didn’t read anything in Hollow City today because I was tired in the evening.

Day 6

I have been listening to You for 3h 50min today, and I like the book so far. I like to read from the narrator’s perspective, he is creepy AF. He is a crazy stalker wanting to be with this girl that he stalks.

I didn’t read anything in Hollow City. Now I’m worried I’m not going to be able to finish it this week. I have 100 pages left in the book.

Day 7

Yesterday I was worried that I wasn’t going to be able to finish Hollow City. Yeah I didn’t read anything of the book today. So I have 100 pages left in the book to read after the Spookathon is over. I have been so tired today that I have not been able to read a single page. Oh well that is life.

I have listened to 1h and 11min of You today though. That is something.

-Did you participate in the Spookathon?

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