Top 5 Wednesday February 22: Books to Get You Out of a Reading Slump

118368Top 5 Wednesday is created by Gingerreadslainey. Each week there is a new bookish topic, where everyone can join and create their top 5 list. You can find more information on the Top 5 Wednesday goodreads group. This week’s topic is:

Books to Get You Out of a Reading Slump

-Winter is a hard season for a lot of people and many of us are slumpy. Let’s talk about some books that are great for getting you out of a slump!

Starting on a long and intricate fantasy or sci-fi series can be daunting when you are in a reading slump, even though you usually love them. That is why I’m recommending some fun and fast paced standalones, that I really enjoyed reading.

Simon V.S The Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli 

This book is a really cute and adorable LGBTQ contemporary read, about Simon who is anonymously chatting with another guy at his school. This book is light and fluffy and so so good. Read my review on this book HERE if you want.

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Another contemporary read that I highly recommend. This book is so much fun to read, and I think a lot of people can relate to the main character Cath. Since she was a little girl she has been obsessed with the Simon Snow books, and has for a long time written a very successful fanfic of the series. Cath has also just started college, a new place, new roommate and away from her home, she is totally out of her comfort zone.

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

This book is next on the list after Fangirl for a reason, because this is one of the Simon Snow books that Cath is obsessed with. Rainbow Rowell wrote this book after she wrote Fangirl, and it follows Simon Snow his last year at the magical school he is attending. Even though this is a fantasy book (inspired by the Harry Potter series), it feels like a contemporary in a way. It is really fun to read, and also cute, and so good.

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Over to something that isn’t a cute contemporary, but still really fun and exciting to read. The majority of the story in this book is set in a Virtual Reality world/game, where everyone including the main character are on a hunt for a hidden easter egg. An Adventure hunt in a VR world/game, packed with 80’s pop culture references, makes for a really fun read. I guarantee you, you will not be bored reading this.

Vicious Vicious by V.E. Schwab

This book is a little bit different than the other books on this list, because it is has a darker story. It is about two brilliant and intelligent best friends, who are on the search to find out how to get extraordinary abilities. This is a really interesting and exciting read, and I highly recommend if you like darker and twisted characters.

❤ -Rakel

-Which books did you choose for this week’s T5W?

-Which books would you recommend?


18 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday February 22: Books to Get You Out of a Reading Slump

  1. I love Ready Player One! It’s definitely an excellent choice for breaking a reading slump. I’ve got Armada and I’m really hoping it’s just as good although I’ve not seen many good reviews.

    My favourite slump breaker is anything by Trudi Canavan as I just love her writing so much that I’ll just sit and read an entire trilogy without stopping.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah it is ^_^ I hope you like Armada, I haven’t read it myself, but I have heard mixed things about it too. I haven’t read anything by her, I have to check her out 🙂 Thanks for the recommendation 🙂


  2. Even though I haven’t read any of these, they’re all on my TBR! I’ve heard so many great things about each of them. I have Carry On but I didn’t know it was connected to Fangirl until yesterday. So, I think I’ll read Fangirl first to acquaint myself with the backstory! Ready Player One sounds like such a cool concept. I’ll definitely have to get to that one soon. I have Simon, so hopefully I can read that sometime next month or at least sometime this year, haha


    1. They are all really good books 🙂 I don’t think you have to read Fangirl before Carry On. I read Fangirl first because Carry On wasn’t out when I read it. Do whatever feels right haha. Hope you like them all 😀 I definitively did.

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