Update: I’m Back, 1 Year Blogoversary, Norway Trip, Celebrating 17th of May

Finally I’m slowly starting to get out of my blogging slump, and I hope that I will be back 100% soon. I’m going to take it easy in the beginning and not push myself too much. I hope and feel that the motivation to write is slowly coming back.

A lot of thing has happened while I have been away from the blog. My one year blogoversary happened now in May. It has been so much fun blogging this year. I have learned a lot and it has been great to have something to do at home every day. I want to do a giveaway soon to celebrate the 1 year anniversary, I just have to figure out how to do it.



In the meantime I want to tell you about my 10 day vacation to the West Coast of Norway, and how I celebrated 17th of May this year. 17 of May is Norway’s Constitution Day, it is one of the biggest days of the year. The whole country is celebrating together with parades, lots food and fun activities for the kids. A lot of my family lives on the West of Norway (I live near Oslo in the East). I haven’t visited my grandparents since I got ill 5 years ago, so it was a big milestone to finally be able to visit them. The car ride takes 8-9 hours, so I was pretty exhausted when I got there. The scenery is beautiful though, I love Norway’s nature


First we went to my grandmother on my mom’s side, and stayed there for a few days. I’m so grateful that I was able to see her again. You never know when they will be gone. Unfortunately my grandfather died last year. The house felt empty without him. My uncle that lives next doors has some animals. We fed the lambs some milk from a bottle, and gave the chickens some bread.


After half a week it was time to leave to visit my other grandmother. She doesn’t live that far away, the drive takes a couple of hours. Two years ago my grandmother on my dad’s side had a stroke and nearly died. She didn’t die but she has brain damage and can’t speak or walk. She is now living at a home for sick and old people. So we had to stay at my aunt and uncle’s house  instead of her house like we always used to do. Their house is on the same farm as my grandmother’s house. It was very weird and sad that my grandmother house was empty and that she wasn’t there. This trip was very emotional and I cried a lot.


On the morning of 17th of May we put on our Bunads. Bunad is Norway’s national costume/Folk Costume. It was my first time wearing the bunad since 2012. I rarely feel pretty, but when I put on my Bunad I always feel good. It is my grandmother on my mom’s side that has made my Bunad, and it is one of my favorite thing I own. The Bunad is heavy and takes time to put on, and it is very helpful if someone else can put on the jewelry so it looks proper.


After putting on our Bunads and eating a quick breakfast, we went to the old people’s home to visit my grandmother. I was very happy and a bit nervous to see her again. It has been 5 years, almost on the date since I last saw her. As I mentioned above she isn’t like she used to be because of the brain damage, we don’t know how much she understands. The meeting was very emotional for me, but it was so good to see her again. We watched the 17th of May entertainment for the old people, a guy held a speech and there was live music. When it was finished we went home because my grandmother was going to have dinner.


At home, a bit later in the day we went out to a get together at the village house(what to call it?). There they served food. The main course was Rømmegrøt (porridge made with sour cream), Spekemat (cured meats) and Flatbrød (flatbread). They also served Bløtkake (cake with whipped cream), other cakes, coffee and ice cream. Lets just say it isn’t the day to think of your diet, haha. They also had several fun activities for the kids.


After being social and eating I felt exhausted and had to go home and rest. The rest of the day I had to rest in the bed because I felt fatigued (because of my illness, ME/CFS). In the evening my dad came with my other aunt and uncle, they had driven all day to come. I went down to eat a meal with everyone, and after that I went right back to bed. All in all it was a really great day, even though I felt sick at the end.


The rest of the stay we visited my grandmother a lot. We also visited my other aunt and uncle for a dinner party.

It was a really great trip that I will remember for the rest of my life. I’m so happy that I manage to go and visit my grandmothers one more time.

❤ -Rakel


Why I haven’t posted anything in 2 weeks!

If you go to my latest blog post and look at the date, you can see that I haven’t posted anything in over 2 weeks. This is unusual for me. I like to write and post 2-4 blog posts a week. Where have I been you might ask? I have been to the moon and back, traveled the globe, visited foreign worlds and generally been busy. No just kidding, I wish! I haven’t done anything special, I just haven’t had the motivation to write anything. I have tried many times, but I’m just stuck. After trying to write different blog posts, I figured out that it was the best to just take a pause from the blog and not force myself. I don’t know how long this pause will be, hopefully not long.

I just wanted to write this short post to let you know that everything is fine. I’m just in a blogging slump. My first one since I started this blog almost a year ago. I hope it will soon be over, because this month is my 1 year blogoversary. I want to host a giveaway to celebrate. Do you have any tips on how to do a giveaway, please let me know in the comments 🙂

See you soon! Love you guys ❤

❤ -Rakel



Life Update #4

Life Update are personal posts I do once in awhile to update you on what’s been going on in my life recently. What I have been doing, my interests and what is currently happening in my life. You can find the other Life Update posts under “Personal” in the archives.

It has been a really long time since my last life update. The last one was published in November, if you don’t count the Christmas post as a life update.

– My health has been really up and down the two last months. Thankfully it is still getting better over all, and everything is going forward. The cold season has been killing me, last week I was really stuffed up and my body was aching. I’m not the only one with that problem, it feels like everybody has been sick lately.

-So over to more fun things. In February I got 2 new pairs of glasses. I’m really happy with them, and I hope they look good on me.


-Something that I have been thinking about the last months, is that I want to start documenting my life through film. I want to film things in my day to day life as someone who struggles with M.E., and post it as a vlog on Youtube. I started in February with filming some short clips, it isn’t anything special but I have to get used to it. I have to put a February video together asap, Rakel stop procrastinating. And also, I need help, do anyone know about a good free video editing program?

-The game I have been playing lately is Dishonored, and I’m obsessed. Why did it take me so long to pick it up? I should have played it sooner because I’m really liking it. It is right up my alley, and I have a great time playing it.


Sunday two weeks ago, we celebrated Fastelaven here in Norway. If you want to read about Fastelaven HERE is a link. On Fastelaven the tradition is to eat Boller (buns) with whipped cream, it tasted delicious.


❤ -Rakel

-What Has Happened In Your Life Recently?


One Lovely Blog Award

I have been nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award by Avanithenerd. Thank you so much for nominating me! 🙂



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1.I have a boyfriend and his name is Emil. We started dating when I was 16 and he 18. We have now been together for almost 8 years.

2.Do you guys remember the emo kids back in the day? Yeah, I was one of them haha, even though I hated when people called me an emo. I dressed in all black and dyed my hair black, and of course listened to My Chemical Romance. And probably every other “emo” band back in the days. This was when I was around 14 years old.

3.I’m a pescetarian, that means I don’t eat meat, only fish. I haven’t eaten meat in 10 years or so.

4.I’m a huge Youtube watcher. I watch youtube every day, and have been doing that for years. I never watch regular tv, but I watch Netflix sometimes. I want to do a post on my favorites youtubers some time.

5.I haven’t been able to go to the university or school to get a degree, because of my illness. But it is something I really want to do when I get better. I don’t know what to study yet, I find it very hard to figure it out.

6.I have been learning french by myself for over a year now. I actually got my 400 day streak a couple of days ago.

7.I’m a dog person, and I used to have a dog called Amy. We sadly had to put her down last February, and I miss her a lot. I really want a new dog in the future.











❤ -Rakel

My Christmas 2016 – Norwegian Christmas

I have had an amazing Christmas, the best one in many years. In Norway we celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve, the 24. 

The day started with me and my brother ate breakfast and candy in bed whilst watching Tre Nøtter Til Askepott (Cinderella) on the TV like we do every year. Yeah we both are over 20 years old haha, Askepott is not just for kids. 


We started eating Christmas dinner 6 o’clock. This year it was only me, my brother, mom, dad and my cousin. We ate the traditional Norwegian Christmas dinner Pinnekjøtt, Pinnekjøtt is salted lamb ribs. We ate it with: Kålrotstappe (mashed Rutabaga), Surkål (sauerkraut), Tyttebærsyltetøy (lingonberry jam), Carrots in a white sauce and Potatoes.

Other Norwegian traditional Christmas food is Ribbe (meat from pig) or Cod or Lutefisk (Lye fish).


Pinnekjøtt and Kålrotstappe. Kålrotstappe is one of my favorite food in the entire world.

I don’t eat meat or milk so I ate a vegan Nut Steak with all the other side food that dad made dairy free for me. The food was so good.



Our Christmas three.

Later after the dinner we opened all the gifts under the three, and ate dessert. We always open one gift at the time, because it is fun to see what everyone gets.

I got a lot of thing, all the things I wished for and more. I am so blessed and happy. I got 11 books from mom and dad. I can’t believe they bought me all the books I wished for. I also got 2 sweaters, socks, hair clips, Bluetooth speakers, adult coloring book, and more +++. From my boyfriend I got one of the best Christmas gifts. He had written me a letter, and inside it was a key to his apartment. We have lived together before, but I had to move home to my parents because of health problems. So living together isn’t something new, but it is nice to know that he wants me to move in with him again. His biggest present to me was the blue bookcase I wanted, I can’t wait to fill it with my books. Thank you so much everyone for all the great presents.


My brother handing out the presents. 

Second Christmas Day (26 December)

Every 2 Christmas day (December 26) we have a family party at our house. I have a big family (my mom has 9 siblings) and even though everyone couldn’t come, the house was full. I had so much fun, I love seeing my family. We are only gathered like this a few times a year.


We ate the Norwegian dish Lapskaus, because it is easy to make. I ate a vegan version with soy sausages and Flatbrød (flat bread). We also had a lot of Christmas cakes, they all tasted really good. I think I have gained 10000 kg this Christmas.


Me, my brother, my boyfriend and my cousins that is around my age played cards.

❤ -Rakel

-This was my Christmas. How was yours?

Merry Christmas And A Happy Holiday To You!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday. Here in Norway we celebrate Christmas today the 24. Me and my brother are watching Tre Nøtter Til Askepott (Askepott=Cinderella), you can read more about this Christmas tradition HERE! We are also eating Christmas candy and joking around with the new Snapchat update, it is so funny! Later today my family and I are going to eat Christmas dinner and open the presents together, this usually takes the whole evening.



Merry Christmas.png


❤ -Rakel

Life Update #3

Life Update are personal posts I do once in awhile to update you on what’s been going on in my life recently. What I have been doing, my interests and what is currently happening in my life. You can find the other Life Update posts under “Personal” in the archives.

-My mom and dad is on a business trip to China with my dad’s brewery. They are there for over a week. Finally I got some alone time with my boyfriend, we have had some nice days for ourselves in the house.

-A little update on the blog design. I have made some new buttons for my social media. You can find them on the right side of the blog. Let me know if you like them.

-As you guys might know, I love The Sims games. The new expansion pack to the game City Living came out November 3rd, and I have been obsessed. Sims 4 now has apartments and a whole new beautiful world, the city San Mayshuno. It is so much fun to play! My sims has now moved to the big city and is renting an apartment. 

Mika’s apartment, the love interest for one of my sims. 

I also made an Indian inspired restaurant on one of the rooftops that came with the expansion

Wow this was a lot of Sims, but as you can see I have been playing it a lot lately.

-I made a profile on Netgalley to test it out. I have read my first book, Digital Idols. I didn’t really like the book though, but you can find the review here. I’m thinking about maybe reading one Netgalley book each month or something, I don’t know yet.

-It has been snowing a lot here in Norway this week. I really need some warm shoes and a new winter jacket. I think it’s weird that we always are shocked when the first snow is coming, like it happens every year. People haven’t changed the tires on their cars, even some police cars got stuck because of that.

-My grandfather’s funeral is today, he died earlier this week. I’m very sad he is gone and I can’t attend his funeral, It’s impossible for me to go. My grandparents live on the other side of the country and it is a 9 hour drive. I’ll be thinking about him a lot today.

-It was my birthday yesterday, I’m 24 now. I got a few books as presents, from my parents I got Gemina and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and a vegetable cooking book. Plus some other small things. From my boyfriend I got two notebooks, flowers and the book The Romanovs: 1613-1918. I also got some other things from friends etc. Thank you so much everyone for all the gifts.

-I’m having a little “party” tomorrow with some girlfriends. We are going to eat some good food and cake. I feel a bit weird about celebrating but I have been looking forward to it for so long because I haven’t celebrated my birthday in years.

-One last random thing. I fell in love with this blue bookcase from IKEA. The bookcase I’m using now is my parents and it is crammed full of books. I don’t know where to put this bookcase but I really want it. Actually I want it to be in my boyfriend’s apartment so I can have some of my things there. He doesn’t have the biggest apartment so I don’t think it will fit anywhere.

-What has happened in your life recently?



I was nominated by BooksInked. Thank you so much for nominating me. Great questions, I hope you liked my answers.


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3. Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award & ask them eleven new questions.
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1.Why do you start up a blog?

I started my blog because I wanted to talk about books and share my love for books with other people. I also don’t have a job or go to school because of my health situation, so I started a blog to have something fun to fill my days with.

2.What are your goals for 2017?

Bookish goals? Hmm I don’t have one specific goal for 2017. Here is some goals I have: to read 50 books, shrink my TBR shelves, organize my bookshelves and continue writing 3 blog posts every week, and write more book reviews.

More personal goals is to get better with my health. I’m so happy that I started to get better in 2016, and I want to get even more healthier in 2017.

3.What are your top two books in 2016?

The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch is my favorite read this year. Number 2 has to be Illuminae by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff . You can find my review of Illuminae HERE!

4.What are your top two TV shows/movies in 2016?

Stranger Things and Stranger Things.

5.What is your favorite quote and why?

To be honest I don’t really care about quotes. So I don’t have one.

6.What do you prefer: hardback, paperback, or an ebook?

I prefer all of them, I like to mix it up. I always have one ebook on my phone and kindle, one hardback/paperback and one audiobook that I read.

7.What world from books, TV shows, and movies would you like to live in, other than Harry Potter?

I wish the Oasis from Ready Player One was real.

8.Which characters in the books would you love to be friends with?

Standard answer but it has to be Hermione, Ron and Harry.

9.Pick a scene for you to look out while you are reading: a mountain, a forest/wood, a lake/pond, or an ocean?

Sitting on a porch, high up on a mountain with a beautiful view, breathing fresh air. The weather is not too cold or too hot, just perfect. Drinking tea or coffee, or maybe hot chocolate.

10.What is the best pet name in the book?

Norbert, the name of Hagrid’s dragon.

11.What covers is your absolute favorite, even though you love it or hate it?

There is so many beautiful book covers out there. The first cover that came to my mind was the covers of the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson, look at these beauties. Another goal for 2017 is to read this series.

I Nominate











If you have been nominated to The Sunshine Blogger Award before let me know. Thank you to Booksinked again for nominating me 🙂