A Trip To The Library + Library Haul

Yesterday I went on a trip to my city’s main library. I really love the library, I used to go there all the time to hang out and to borrow books. Unfortunately the last years I haven’t been able to use it at all, because it has been difficult for me to get there. Now I’m finally healthy enough to go, and that brings me so much joy.

I also wanted to write a post about it to remind people to use the library if they can. Libraries are awesome, and I think it is very important that we use and support our local libraries. From now on I’m going to borrow more and buy less books, especially if my library has a copy of the one I want to read.

The library is located right by the river, in this beautiful building they call Papirbredden. Papirbredden was open for the public in 2007, and the area around has grown since then with a lot of new modern buildings. The building contains not only the library but also a cafe, a bookshop, and it is the school campus for the university college in town.

I don’t have a picture of the other side of the building, so I borrowed one from their wiki page HERE. This view of the building from the other side of the river is beautiful.


Papirbredden is one of my favorite architectural builds in the city. I love the mix of the bricks from the old paper factory that used to be there and the new modern glass building.

My final test for the library is to check out their fantasy section. I was pleasantly surprised that they have a good amount of fantasy books in English.


Before I found the fantasy section, I found the section with books to learn languages. I’m currently trying to learn french by myself online. I grabbed the biggest book on the shelves, and looked through it. It is a book on french grammar, which is just what I needed. I didn’t have time to look through the rest of the books because I was so eager to find the fantasy section.

I borrowed The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman, because I want to read it now in December. I also want to read Morning Star the last book in the Red Rising series by Pierce Brown. It was already loaned out, so I’m on a waiting list for it.

– Do You Use Your Local Library?

❤ -Rakel