My Christmas 2016 – Norwegian Christmas

I have had an amazing Christmas, the best one in many years. In Norway we celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve, the 24. 

The day started with me and my brother ate breakfast and candy in bed whilst watching Tre Nøtter Til Askepott (Cinderella) on the TV like we do every year. Yeah we both are over 20 years old haha, Askepott is not just for kids. 


We started eating Christmas dinner 6 o’clock. This year it was only me, my brother, mom, dad and my cousin. We ate the traditional Norwegian Christmas dinner Pinnekjøtt, Pinnekjøtt is salted lamb ribs. We ate it with: Kålrotstappe (mashed Rutabaga), Surkål (sauerkraut), Tyttebærsyltetøy (lingonberry jam), Carrots in a white sauce and Potatoes.

Other Norwegian traditional Christmas food is Ribbe (meat from pig) or Cod or Lutefisk (Lye fish).


Pinnekjøtt and Kålrotstappe. Kålrotstappe is one of my favorite food in the entire world.

I don’t eat meat or milk so I ate a vegan Nut Steak with all the other side food that dad made dairy free for me. The food was so good.



Our Christmas three.

Later after the dinner we opened all the gifts under the three, and ate dessert. We always open one gift at the time, because it is fun to see what everyone gets.

I got a lot of thing, all the things I wished for and more. I am so blessed and happy. I got 11 books from mom and dad. I can’t believe they bought me all the books I wished for. I also got 2 sweaters, socks, hair clips, Bluetooth speakers, adult coloring book, and more +++. From my boyfriend I got one of the best Christmas gifts. He had written me a letter, and inside it was a key to his apartment. We have lived together before, but I had to move home to my parents because of health problems. So living together isn’t something new, but it is nice to know that he wants me to move in with him again. His biggest present to me was the blue bookcase I wanted, I can’t wait to fill it with my books. Thank you so much everyone for all the great presents.


My brother handing out the presents. 

Second Christmas Day (26 December)

Every 2 Christmas day (December 26) we have a family party at our house. I have a big family (my mom has 9 siblings) and even though everyone couldn’t come, the house was full. I had so much fun, I love seeing my family. We are only gathered like this a few times a year.


We ate the Norwegian dish Lapskaus, because it is easy to make. I ate a vegan version with soy sausages and Flatbrød (flat bread). We also had a lot of Christmas cakes, they all tasted really good. I think I have gained 10000 kg this Christmas.


Me, my brother, my boyfriend and my cousins that is around my age played cards.

❤ -Rakel

-This was my Christmas. How was yours?