June Wrap Up & July TBR

June Wrap Up:

So I only read two books this month. Both books was slow reads for me. But they are both great books. I also read about 150 pages in Outlander. And over half of Golden Son.


– We Need To Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver –

This book is about 16 year old Kevin, who murdered 9 people in a massacre at his high school. The book is written in letter format from Kevin’s mom to his father. Two years after the terrible event.

I have not read anything like this before. It was an interesting dark book that made me think a lot. I will have a review up on the blog soon.

Rating : ★★★★☆


– Red Rising by Pierce Brown –

Red rising is a great dystopian science fiction trilogy. With a lot of action and political games. I have a review of this book

Rating : ★★★★☆


July TBR:

This is the books I am currently reading and the books I want to read in July.


– Summer Biannual Bibliothon 2016 –

I will be participating in the Summer Biannual Bibliothon. You can find my blog post on it here , with links to the challenges and my TBR.


– Golden Son by Pierce Brown –

This book is the second book in the Red Rising trilogy. I am currently reading this book, and I am halfway through. I hope to finish this soon. I am really enjoying it.


–  Outlander by Diana Gabaldon –

The next book I am currently reading is Outlander. I really like this book so far. It is easy to read, but it is huge, 896 pages long. I love the setting in this book. Outlander is a historical fiction, Romance novel.

It is about a girl in 1945. While she is on a vacation with her  husband in Scotland. She touches a circle of ancient standing stones, and gets teleported back to the same place in 1743. And she gets torn between two men and two centuries.


– Morning star by Pierce Brown –

I hope that if I have time at the end of the month I will start this book. It is the third and last book of the Red Rising trilogy.


Review: Red Rising – Pierce Brown


Norwegian: Rød Revolt

Published: 28 January 2014

Genre: Science Fiction, Young Adult, Dystopia

Pages: 382

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


Red Rising is a dystopian book where society is divided into groups by color. The highest group The Golds have all the power and control of the lower colors. There are strict rules each group must live by, and they have little free choices in life.

16 year old Darrow is a Red. He has lives his entire life underground on Mars. Where he must work in the mines to dig for Helium-3. They have to mine enough each day to make the quota so that the society is happy, otherwise there will be consequences.

His wife Eo has a secret dream of rebelling against the society. And after she was hanged for singing the forbidden song, it was Darrow who got involved with the resistance group Sons of Ares. He gets the task to infiltrate The Golds. The gods of the society. And the Red is now Rising.

Thoughts :

I like dystopian books, it is one of my favorite genres to read. It was interesting how the author has built up the society, and how it works. In the beginning it was difficult to get into the book. Many new words and names, which made it difficult to distinguish people and places. It also took some time before I realize how the hierarchy worked and how the different colors fit in the society.

This book was very exciting to read, and you never knew what was going to happen on the next page. I buddyread the book with a friend. We talked almost every day about it, about what had happened and what we thought was going to happen.

Red Rising is really an action full book with political and tactical games. I really liked this book.

This was me ….


…. every time this was happening!



Norsk: Rød Revolt

Red Rising er en dystopisk bok hvor samfunnet er delt opp i grupper etter farger. Den høyeste gruppen The Golds har all makten og kontrollen over de lavere fargene. Det er strenge regler hver gruppe må leve etter, og de har lite frie valg i livet.

16 år gamle Darrow er en Red. Han har levd hele sitt liv under jorden på Mars. Hvor han må jobber i gruver for å grave etter Helium-3. De som bor der er nødt til å mine nok for kvoten hver dag for samfunnet, ellers får det konsekvenser. Det er et hardt og slitsomt liv.

Hans kone Eo har en hemmelig drøm om opprør mot samfunnet. Og etter at hun ble hengt for å synge den forbudte sangen, er det Darrow som blir fanget opp av motstandsbevegelsen Sons of Ares. Og han får oppgaven om å innfiltrere The Golds.


Jeg liker dystopiske bøker, det er en av mine favoritt sjangere å lese. Det var interessant hvordan forfatteren hadde laget  samfunnet, og hvordan det var bygget opp. I starten var det litt vanskelig å komme inn i boken. Mange nye ord og navn, som gjorde det litt vanskelig å skille personene og stedene. Det tok også litt tid før jeg skjønte hvordan hierarkiet fungerte og de forskjellige fargenes plass i samfunnet.

Denne boka var veldig spennende og du visste aldri hva som kom til å skje på neste side. Jeg leste boka med en venn. Vi snakket nesten hver dag om den, om hva som hadde skjedd og hva vi trodde kom til å skje.

Red Rising er virkelig en action full bok med politisk og taktisk spill. Jeg likte virkelig boken.