Review: Tatiana And Alexander by Paullina Simons – The Bronze Horseman #2 |Historical Fiction-Romance-World War 2-Russia|

7180853Series: Book 2 in the The Bronze Horseman series

Published: Published 2008 by HarperCollins

Genre: Historical Fiction, Romance, World War 2, Russia

Pages: 559

Language read: English

Format read: Paperback

Rating: 4.5 stars 4-5stjerner

The Bronze Horseman Synopsis: During the summer of 1941 the Metanov family are living a hard life in Leningrad. As the German armies advance their future looks bleak. For Tatiana, love arrives in the guise of Alexander, who harbours a deadly and extraordinary secret. –Goodreads


Warning: This review spoils book 1, so if you haven’t read it, don’t read on.

The first book is about 16 year old Tatiana and her life living in Leningrad with her family, the first brutal years of world war 2. The first day of war she meets the handsome Alexander, and throughout the book they slowly fall in love with each other.

Book 2 starts where book 1 ends, Tatiana alone in another country, pregnant and devastated by the loss of the only person she has left in the world, the love of her life Alexander.

I found Tatiana And Alexander, the second book in the series to be even better than the first, and I loved the first book when I read it 2 years ago. It is hard to remember everything I thought about the first book when I was reading it, because it is not fresh in my mind. I also read it before I had my blog, so I don’t have a review on it. I remember really liking the story of the first book, and that it made me cry. There was only a portion in the middle of the book that I didn’t like. When they were staying at the cabin in the woods/lake, there was a lot of sex and I found it to be boring and repetitive. I didn’t have the same problem with book 2. I gave book 1, The Bronze Horseman 4 stars.

it it so beautiful.gif

I really love this book. It is beautifully written, and the story that is full of hope, love, longing and loss is one of the most beautiful and heartbreaking stories I have ever read. The mix of the story and the writing made a rollercoaster ride of feelings and emotions. Not many other books has played with my emotions as much as this, I got anxious, happy, hopeful, nervous and sad for the characters and it was breaking my heart several times.

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I got highly invested in Tatiana and Alexander’s relationship and life. I could really feel the love, sorrow and longing they had for each other. We get to see a love story that blossoms in the devastating hardships of war.

We got to read a lot about Tatiana and her life in book one, and in this book it was Alexander’s turn. I’m not sure about this, but it felt like the majority of the book was from Alexander’s point of view. I really liked that we got to know him better. He has a very interesting past, with his parents being political immigrants from the US and all.

Even though I love the characters Tatiana and Alexander, I don’t always love the action and choices they do. SPOILER STRIKETHROUGH: Sometimes I get annoyed, especially with Tatiana. My biggest problem was at the end of the book when Tatiana left her good life in USA to find Alexander. She left her kid knowing it was a good chance he would lose his mother too. I felt it was very naive of her to do.

All the death, suffering and destruction that comes with war is devastating to read about. It is horrible, I can’t believe all the evil things that happened in world war 2, and I can’t believe it still happens on earth today. All the people that froze and starved to death, and all the soldiers who was fighting for their country. All of them has a story, a family and a life, that is something we should never forget. I know this is a book review and not a political post, but this was my thoughts and feeling while I was reading the book.

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This book is long and printed with a small font, but it kept me interested throughout the whole book. It was very intense from the beginning to the end. My emotions was up and down and I actually cried several times. I really loved this book! I gave this book 4.5 stars.


❤ -Rakel